"Build Operate Transfer" or "BOT" arrangement model enables rapid offshore presence of client. The model enables client to start offshore operations rapidly and later takeover the facility.

Dedicated Development Model

This Model facilitates clients to setup a dedicated facility resulting in cost effective solutions. At the same time, the model aims at complete control of the clients over the development and test teams at the offshore. A dedicated infrastructure will be provided for the client's operations during the engagement period. During entire software life cycle development, the client's practices and regulations are adhered to. Regular status reports and reports containing metrics are provided to the client to enable timely intervention and better decision making. The partnership will be maintained as per the Service Level Agreements which are pre-defined and mutually agreed upon. These agreements are periodically reviewed and revised as per the demand of business requirements at that point.

Co-Managed Outsourcing

This model follows Dedicated Development Model, with only exception that a manager from the customer organization is located at the offshore center. The presence of company manager provides an added level of confidence. At the same time the model takes full advantage of the offshore partner's knowledge of local laws and agreements.

Joint Venture

strategic investments. The model aims at pursuing common goals and sharing of business benefits. The model provides the client's, the opportunity to obtain new capacity and expertise to service large markets/clients. It allows clients to enter into related businesses or new geographic markets or obtain new technological knowledge. It shortens lead time in setting up operations in India due to complementary strengths.

Project Specific Outsourcing

The Project specific outsourcing model involves software development using latest technology and gives flexibility to engage outsourcing company at any point of software development life cycle. It aims at reduction in total cost of operations. It also aims at transparency and schedule compliance.

Resource Augmentation

This engagement model provides for flexible resources as and when required. It involves rapid ramp up and down capabilities. It has the ability to deploy onsite for client specific projects.