1997 Incorporated
1998 Started 24x7 maintenance & supporting of a Unix/Oracle/CAD/CAM application and IT systems for a tools manufacturing unit.
1999 Became vendor for fortune 500 companies, to help with Y2K
2000-2002 Develops a dotcom portal that facilitates computer hardware vendors to conduct shows online, and web based reporting system for several clients.
2001 Develops web interface and reports for educational institution which conducts leadership classes and seminars
2003-2007 Develops a Document Management System, an application that was customized for 2 medical practices and starts supporting it
2009 Develops a website for a company that is into liquidation business
2013 Develops online course content for a company that does training for USCG Captian's license exam.
2014 Forming a Technology Partnership with Mars Telecom Systems Pvt. Ltd., India based software product/services development company, for product development.
Developed RTSP plugin's for Mjpg Streamer which can support 3000 live IP survelliance camera's output on customized application. Won a customer based in South Korea.
2014 Developed License Management system completely using open source technologies in Technological Partnership with MARS telecom systems.
2016-2017 Developed and Deployed an Home router (CRG3000-10000S) with Cable broadband connectivity for German client in Technological Partnership with MARS telecom systems