The essential ingredients for a company growth are primarily new products and innovation. Many companies tried many system and business process improvements but still lot many are still struggling with getting their ideas to market. The key reasons that can be cited for the poor product innovation include - adhoc product strategy and planning, Inadequate R&D resources to deliver the product and most importantly lack of specialization in product development arena.

Swift specializes in product development especially in telecom space. In telecom space, Swift has expertise in architecture, engineering, testing, hardware know how. In effect we have complete knowledge of product life cycle management for telecom solutions. Swift undertake both end to end outsourced product development and current product engineering. In both of these tasks stringent quality norms are adhered to.

Swift is involved in developing applications in mainframe, client/server and web development areas using proven methodologies and tools. Swift employees have executed several full life cycle projects using a multitude of databases, languages, GUI’s and tools.

Conversion & Migration

Swift migration team can port legacy applications written in outmoded languages:

  • Across Platform
  • Across language
  • Across versions

Automated conversion tools are used to reduce project execution time and costs.

Application Maintenance

Swift undertakes the maintenance of legacy applications using a proven methodology that benefits the customer directly by reducing maintenance costs through improved productivity. A maintenance log and bug database can be maintained to assist clients in improving the maintenance productivity and quality.

Product Maintenance

Swift can build components of data warehousing projects, particularly for systems that handle massive databases, implementing multi-dimensional parellelism. Swift is also involved in maintaining and enhancing data warehousing applications at customer sites.

Web-centric Technology

Swift is currently developing applications based on Java and other network computing platforms. Swift is also developing web-based store traffic measurements, web-based ASP solutions and multimedia authoring tools. Swift can help clients develop architectural frameworks that can extend host-centric applications to the web.